The town of Polomolok is located at the southern portion of South Cotabato and is about 300 meters above sea level at the base of the majestic Mt. Matutum. The name Polomolok was derived from the B’laan term “FLOMLOK’ which means hunting grounds. In the early years, the place where the Poblacion is presently situated was known for its abundance of wild life. There were no roads and the lowlanders befriended the B’laan highlanders and utilized them as guides.

Aside from a rich hunting ground, Polomolok had so many creeks with free flowing water coming from the hillsides. Those cool and clear flowing waters encouraged foreigners to settle in this place. One of them was a Japanese trader Zenjiro Takahashi and his B’laan wife. He began clearing the area and planted agricultural crops. Not long after, some of the Christians came to settle and helped in the development of the area. In 1940, the Philippines Commonwealth government embarked on a very bold program of social amelioration.

One of the projects was the distribution of lands to interested people who wanted to settle in Mindanao. Settlers were brought by boat to Dadiangas from Luzon and Visayas. On November 2, 1940, Polomolok was officially opened for settlement and known as POLOMOLOK SETTLEMENT DISTRICT. Atty. Ernesto Jimenez was appointed as its first overseer. He was responsible for the allocation of farm lots. Then came the creation of some barrios of the settlers. These were Palkan, Lemblisong, Polo, Polomolok Central (now Poblacion), Polomolok Creek (now Magsaysay), Sulit, Lamcaliaf, Kinilis, Glamang, Bentung, Koronadal- Proper, Leve, and Silway.

The first settlers, after a crop or two, started to invite their friends and relatives to settle in this place, because the soil was so fertile that any crop can survive due to favorable climate conditions. The settlement program was interrupted for four years by the American-Japanese War. Don- Francisco Natividad was appointed Military Mayor with Datu Badung Nilong as Vice Mayor and the late Sgt. Nuevarez as Chief of Police. In 1948, the late Perfecto Balili was designated National Land Settlement Administration (NLSA) Administrator with Rosendo Sarte as Officer- In-Charge. In 1954, the NLSA was abolished in the course of government reorganization. All records of NLSA were taken over by the Board of Liquidators.

The Municipality of General Santos (formerly Buayan) was incorporated. On August 21, 1957, the Municipality of Polomolok was created by virtue of a Presidential Executive Order No. 264 signed by His Excellency, President Carlos P. Garcia. It started functioning as a regular and independent municipality on September 10, 1957 as a 6th class municipality. The local officials were appointed by the President. Its first appointed Mayor was Datu Badong Nilong with Bienvenido Molo; Municipal Councilors were : Daniel Kuizon, Carmen Pido, Sulpicio Gales, Benjamin Bayan Sr. Numerous events took place in the history of Polomolok, substantial developments had been introduced. Because of its favorable geographic location and climate condition, agro-industries and business establishments sprouted.

The presence of industrial firms attract people from all over the country for business and employment opportunities. The untiring efforts of the constituents who shared with their common vision towards progressive and peaceful Polomolok, the municipality is popularly known as the Sub-Provincial Agro-Industrial town in South Cotabato.